Back in April 2011, I built this site in the hope of providing a range of balanced tutorials, demonstrations and insightful resources.

The site was single handedly hard coded from scratch following a fun 3rd year University project into the history of HTML, with a simple aim of providing an understanding and a set of implementation techniques and hopefully spreading the word about the 5th major version of HTML.

At this moment in time, the site will no longer be updated. However, it shall remain here as an archive for people to hopefully learn from and enjoy.

Also, as of writing of this update i've done a bit of work on the site to improve the design and general readability. With the intention of providing a more usable, future-friendly and worthwhile experience on any device, without the reliance of a particular viewport size or connection speed.

Finally, as the changes and the developments of the HTML5 specification outpace and potentially outdate this site, i'd recommend using a more knowledgable and regularly updated source to get the latest and greatest development techniques out of HTML5. The guys over at HTML5 Doctor publish brilliant and regular posts on the latest topics! If thats not enough, i've also compiled a load of useful resources for you to get stuck into.